Finanzkrise, Gesundheit: LaRouche Was on the Mark on April 11th: Can You Afford Not to Listen to Him Now ? (en)




June 25, 2009 (LPAC)– „The situation we face, in the United States and worldwide, is comparable in many respects to Rome under the dictatorship of the Emperor Nero. The character of the President under these conditions is of that form….

If, as in the case of the Emperor Nero, who is, historically a similar precedent for this kind of problem, if you don’t eliminate those factors [the behavioral economists such as Summers, Orszag, et al.-ed], and let him run under the control of this crowd identified by Time magazine, he will eliminate — as Nero did! — all his own advisors from outside that particular team. At that point, with a deteriorating world situation, we can approach the condition of a non-recoverable situation on this planet: We can go into a New Dark Age of all humanity! And therefore, that change must occur, now.“

As of today, June 24, LaRouche, LaRouchePAC, and their allies can claim some success, in jamming up the bill. As one student met at a press conference in D.C. June 23 said, everyone around D.C. is saying the President’s policy is Nazi. Even the President, who invited ABC-News into the White House for a day of promoting his Nazi health plan, felt forced to back away from the truth of his proposals, when he was asked by Diane Sawyer if he was going to set up a board, with the weight of law, which would decide who gets treatment and who doesn’t, with a „I think we’re still early in the process.“ Sources in Washington report Obama is getting frustrated, and could „melt down“ before our eyes.

All because Lyn saw the reality of „Nero“ Obama, and insisted that we not compromise an inch.

At the same time, the global collapse is accelerating, and creating the conditions of starvation and economic collapse that provide the ideal conditions for the genocidal pandemics, and other mayhem, which the British Empire sponsors of the Obama health plan want. Basic foodstuffs, like wheat, are actually in decline, and, frontmen for the British Empire, like the Arab Gulf kingdoms, are moving in to buy up arable land in poor countries in Asia, Africa, and Middle and South America, in order to feed themselves. Such actions will literally lead to genocide against the peasants evicted from these lands — just as the heirs of Bertrand Russell desire.


Zu Ihrer Kenntnisnahme. Wir können die hier geäusserten interessanten Thesen selber nicht vollständig beurteilen. Trotzdem meinen wir man sollte sie kennen. Bilden Sie sich aber bitte selbst Ihre Meinung, Ihr Urteil ! “Drum prüfe …”

(Markierungen in Fett- und/oder Kursivschrift – wie immer – durch die Redaktion)



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