Klima, Energie, Finanzkrise: Get Your Fur Coats Out–August Is Coming ! (en)


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Tony Blair’s release of his report was taking place in an environment of unreality. Blair has failed to notice that the Earth has been cooling over the past 8 to 10 years. The latest release of the global average satellite temperature data for June 2009 revealed another large drop in the Earth’s temperature. This latest drop in global temperatures means, despite all of his scary stories of drowning polar bears and massive sea level rise, the Earth’s temperature has cooled .74 degrees Fahrenheit (.39 degrees Celsius) since former Vice President Al Gore released his sci-fi horror comedy documentary „An Inconvenient Truth“ in January 2006.

The report is a true reflection of the intent by the British Empire to destroy scientific progress and bring about a new Dark Age for mankind. The recommendations in the report, if followed, would result in the deaths of billions of people. One of the main attacks in the report is directed towards nuclear power — the report includes nuclear power as an option, but falsely claims that nuclear power will take too long to be developed to be a real option in the fight against climate change. The fascist Malthusian scenario used in the report says that nuclear power would take until 2065 to be fully developed and deployed. This is a genocidal lie, meant to stop any real development of nuclear power, which is necessary to support the present human population of close to 7 billion people and provide the process heat needed to rebuild the world out of the current economic breakdown crisis.


Zu Ihrer Kenntnisnahme. Wir können die hier geäusserten interessanten Thesen selber nicht vollständig beurteilen. Trotzdem meinen wir man sollte sie kennen. Bilden Sie sich aber bitte selbst Ihre Meinung, Ihr Urteil ! “Drum prüfe …”

(Markierungen in Fett- und/oder Kursivschrift – wie immer – durch die Redaktion)



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