Larouche on Afghanistan: „No Alternative To Total Victory“—Over the British Empire (en)




LaRouche concluded, „Every war since the middle of the 18th Century, that has erupted, anywhere on the planet, has been manipulated by the British. That is how they operate. They exploit the ideological blinders, the petty hatreds, and induce nations to self-destruct. Often, they take actions that appear to jeopardize Britain itself, to win their objectives. This is what the Harold Wilson government did in 1967-68, when they wrecked the pound sterling. They did it to induce the United States to abandon the Bretton Woods System altogether—which is exactly what Richard Nixon, under the sway of George Shultz and Henry Kissinger, did in 1971. In 1992 again, the British had their little Nazi-collaborator puppet, George Soros, run a $2 billion attack on the pound sterling, which busted up the quasi-fixed-exchange European Rate Mechanism. The breakup of the ERM was the pivotal event, that opened continental Europe up for self-destruction, under the Maastricht Treaty.

„This is how the British Empire operates. And unless some people around the White House wise up soon, the United States is going to be dragged even deeper into a catastrophic failure in Afghanistan. There is no alternative to victory—victory over the British Empire.“


Zu Ihrer Kenntnisnahme. Wir können die hier geäusserten interessanten Thesen selber nicht vollständig beurteilen. Trotzdem meinen wir man sollte sie kennen. Bilden Sie sich aber bitte selbst Ihre Meinung, Ihr Urteil !
Drum prüfe …”

(Markierungen in Fett- und/oder Kursivschrift – wie immer – durch die Redaktion)



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