Gesundheit, Obama, USA: The Curtain Has Been Pulled on the Wizard of Oz (en)




Faced with a growing mass strike against his policies led by Lyndon LaRouche, Obama is hiding behind a curtain carrying out the same „unitary executive“ policy pioneered by Dick Cheney following 9/11.

As LaRouche said today, the White House is dysfunctional. Thus, the President is in hiding. His ideas are all no good, and he is not yet ready to accept any alternative.

Today, the Daily Telegraph printed a letter from several doctors and ran a major story exposing the fact that in 2004, when Tony Blair was Prime Minister, NICE implemented a program called the „Liverpool Care Pathway.“ This program, which has now spread throughout the British NHS, establishes guidelines allowing doctors to euthanize any patient whom they determine is close to death. Within four hours of such a determination, a syringe driver is installed and the person is subjected to „continuous deep sedation,“ combined with denial of water and food. Doctors denounce this policy as a policy of „involuntary euthanasia.“

In the year 2007-2008, 16.5 percent of the total deaths in the UK were the result of „continuous deep sedation.“ That means that 1 out of every 6 deaths in the UK under the Blair NICE system, which Obama plans to implement in the U.S., was the result of euthanasia.

What do you call such a policy and practice, other than Nazi?

Obama intends to implement Hitler’s T-4 euthanasia program in the U.S. as we have said, as it has already been implemented in Tony Blair’s UK.

Obama, LaRouche continued, is more stupid than Bush. He doesn’t understand what he is doing. He merely „wills it to be.“ He does not feel the need to make excuses. He merely looks to circumvent obstacles to his insane policies. He doesn’t know the meaning of the words he is using.

Since we cannot impeach him at this time, he must be kept in office, and surround him with advisors who will assure that he does not attempt any policies damaging to the nation. Remember, Nero was a coward. His acts of ruthlessness were done out of cowardice. It is the cowardice of the soldier who goes flight forward in combat.

So you cannot reason or compromise with Obama’s bad policies. Like Hitler, you have to crush him, to bring him under control. Best to get him under control and keep him under control.


Zu Ihrer Kenntnisnahme. Wir können die hier geäusserten interessanten Thesen selber nicht vollständig beurteilen. Trotzdem meinen wir man sollte sie kennen. Bilden Sie sich aber bitte selbst Ihre Meinung, Ihr Urteil !
Drum prüfe …”

(Markierungen in Fett- und/oder Kursivschrift – wie immer – durch die Redaktion)



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