Finanzkrise, Wirtschaft, USA: LaRouche Addresses Private Washington Meeting Nov. 4 (en)




We must also recognize the importance in this, contrary to some of these universalists, these world government kind of freaks, that we need to have a system of sovereign nation states, not a global system. We now have a terrible system, which has developed especially over the past 40 years, of globalization. Virtually no country controls as much as 80% of all its requirements, within its own territory. We used to have a system in which nations were sovereign, in the sense that they grew enough food, and other essentials, to maintain their population. That if one nation went under, other nations would survive, because they had the protection of sovereignty, of national sovereignty.

Globalization is the enemy of mankind, because it’s the enemy of culture. It’s the enemy of a people’s sense of its own national identity. The only real solutions are those which recognize national identity, national peculiarities, but on that very basis of difference, are able to cooperate, under mutual protection, in behalf of the interests of them all.

And that’s what we must do.


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