Finanzkrise, Gesundheit, USA: It’s Endgame: Welcome to the World of Decameron II (en)




On this website, you will read several accounts that just underscore the desperate collapse of the entire system. We are living through the kind of Hell that Boccaccio wrote about in his Decameron. On the one side, you have desperate insanity coming out of the oligarchy. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and other big Wall Street institutions have found some way to corner part of the market in swine flu vaccine, and shipments of the scarce vaccine arrived directly at their Wall Street offices this week, sparking a popular rage, once word leaked out. And in Seoul, South Korea, their equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration has raided the corporate offices of banks and pharmaceutical companies, confiscating records as part of a similar probe into hoarding of Tamiflu, the treatment for swine flu, by HSBC (formerly Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation of Opium War infamy). At the same time, the biggest HMOs, led by United and Humana, have posted record-breaking profits for the third quarter, largely from Medicare payments. Seniors have been recently hit with a 10-percent increase in their Medicare payments! This kind of delusional behavior—that somehow, as in the time of the European Black Death, the oligarchy will avoid the mass extinction hitting „the masses“—is really a sign of the times.


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