Gesundheit, USA, Deutschland, Europa: Where President Obama Got His Moustache (dt.: Schnurrbart !, d. Red.) (en)




Meanwhile, Britain’s The Telegraph reported on an aspect of the British Government’s plans to deal with the swine flu epidemic, which has recently increased there. The Telegraph reported that health experts had originally predicted 65,000 deaths, but reduced that figure in September to 19,000. Nonetheless, the Home Office has „drawn up detailed figures of how the country would cope with large numbers of dead. It reports that a Home Office document raises the prospect of mass graves being dug in inner-city areas where there could be insufficient cemetery plots, crematoria would have to run seven days a week, and funeral services would have to be shortened. Further, „In its latest newsletter, the Association of Burial Authorities discloses that the Government has asked coffin makers to calculate their spare capacity.“ Home Office Minister Lord West has discussed plans with the head of an MPs‘ funeral group. A representative of the group is quoted, „The Government has been preparing for the possibility of an influenza pandemic for a number of years and we are among the most prepared countries in the world.“

An American would think you’d prepare for a flu epidemic with doctors and hospitals, not mass graves and crematoria.


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