USA, Europa, Wirtschaft, Finanzkrise: Shift To The Pacific: The Historic Mission Of The United States (en)




by Nancy Spannaus

November 23, 2009 (LPAC)—„Go West, Young Man“ was a popular admonition in the United States of the post-Civil War period, when the Transcontinental Railroad, industrialization, and millions of enterprising settlers moved across the vast territory of the country toward the Pacific Ocean, thus fulfilling the historic vision of the founders of the American Republic to establish a continental republic on these shores. Today, that admonition must be extended further, through a determination of the U.S. government to establish new partnerships for economic development with the nations of the Asian-Pacific and Indian-Ocean Basin, specifically, the nations of Russia, China, and India. The establishment of the United States republic, from 1776 through 1865, provided a „beacon of hope“ for rallying against the powers of Empire in the world, but that empire, now run through the supranational financial institutions of the world, still maintains a stranglehold over the planet, and threatens to bring it into an unspeakable devolution into a New Dark Age. Only the revival of the United States‘ anti-colonial mission, in concert with the nations of the Asian-Pacific-Indian Ocean Basin, can now break the power of that monetarist empire, and bring an era of prosperity to the planet.

(mit den Abschnitten, d. Red.)

  • – Start with the General Welfare –
  • – Becoming a Continental Republic –
  • – Across the Pacific –
  • – The Four Powers Today –


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