Europa, USA: Who Pulled Berlusconi’s Security ? (en)


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Link: Questions autour de l’agression d’un Premier ministre italien (Berlusconi, d. Red.) (fr)


The perpetrator, Massimo Tartaglia, is a deranged individual with a ten-year history of psychiatric problems. Tartaglia is also an unpaid activist of the WWF, the genocidal environmentalist hit squad created by Nazi Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and Britain’s Prince Philip. In fact, Tartaglia had participated in a WWF chapter meeting the evening before the attack, Tartaglia’s father told journalists.

Behind the entire climate change and population reduction apparatus—from the Optimum Population Trust, to the Global Footprint Network, to Tony Blair’s The Climate Group—stand the British Monarchy and Prince Philip’s WWF. And we know what that means. „The WWF is itself a morally criminal organization,“ LaRouche stated. „Prince Philip is an evil man, and the WWF is an evil organization—that’s already established. People who cooperate with the WWF and its policies are evil people. There’s no moral difference today between the policies of the WWF, President Obama, and Adolf Hitler. People may not like it—but that’s a fact. The panda has a moustache too. Put the moustache on Prince Philip. And the British will protest: ‚We were not created by Adolf Hitler! We created him!'“ LaRouche said.

As for Obama, LaRouche stated emphatically: „Obama has got to go. It is now time for him to go. In my estimation, it is time for him to depart. The situation is critical; the man should depart. We have a Vice President waiting. We don’t need him anymore; that’s it.

„That’s my assessment of the situation. It should be said from me: It’s time for him to go. That’s what the Vice President is for—to replace a President who is out of control, and insane. There is no alternative. It’s time for him to go: ‚Goo-bye, Obama.‘ You had your run; it’s over.“


Zur Kenntnisnahme und intensiver Prüfung.
Wir können die Argumente selber nicht vollständig beurteilen. Bilden Sie sich bitte selbst Ihre Meinung, Ihr Urteil ! “Drum prüfe …”

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