USA, Gesundheit, Wirtschaft, Kopenhagen: LaRouche: Obama’s Health Bill is an Attack by a Foreign Enemy (en)




LaRouche stated that the provision in the health care bill passed by the Senate, forbidding any future changes in the bill, is not only flagrantly unconstitutional. „It has all the paw-marks“ of the British operation against Europe, contained in the Lisbon Treaty, which had the identical irreversible feature. Even Hitler only declared himself dictator for life, LaRouche remarked.

The Senate bill, LaRouche continued, reflects the fact that the Obama Administration is run, top down, as an instrument of the British Monarchy. The British run the U.S. government, top down, from the White House. And we are probing the obvious role of the Emanuel brothers in this atrocity.

This is the British hysterical reaction to their defeat at Copenhagen, LaRouche added. Look at the role of the FBI in blackmailing and terrorizing resisting members of Congress. Look at the last-moment reversal of Sen. Ben Nelson’s opposition. Now, with the memory of the August constituent revolt, members of Congress will be told not to go anywhere near their constituents. Because the level of anger today is light years beyond what it was in August. By pushing through the Senate bill—with the totally unconstitutional clause forbidding any future Congress from making any changes—the Senate, under top-down British/White House control, has now lit the fuse. The fuse is burning, getting closer and closer to the actual bomb.

That is where we are, going into the New Year week.


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