USA, Obama, Europa, Finanzkrise: John Hoefle, Next Comes Hyperinflation (en)



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The consequence of this combination of pumping liquidity into the monetary system while collapsing the productive base, will be a dramatic debasing of the value of the dollar. Most people are familiar with inflation—where the currency gradually loses its purchasing power; and inflation is often used by bankers and governments to deal with burdensome debts, since it allows the repayment of the debts with cheaper currency.

This process sometimes gets out of control, as it did in Weimar Germany in 1923, and more recently in Zimbabwe. When it does, ordinary inflation becomes hyperinflation.

The faster the monetary authority pumps money into an economy under such circumstances, the faster the money loses its value. In situations where huge amounts of money are created, such as with the bailout process, the currency can actually begin to lose its value faster than it can be pumped in. This sets up a vicious cycle in which money must be pumped in at an accelerating rate to plug the hole, causing the money to lose its value even faster.

This can happen with astonishing speed. In Germany, there were 5.5 trillion marks of paper currency in March 1923. By August, it was 668 trillion marks, and by December 1923, 497,000,000 trillion marks of paper currency outstanding. During the same period, the wholesale price index rose from 4,872 to 1,422,900,000. People were using wheelbarrows to carry cash, or burning it for heat. Merchants were marking up prices constantly, as the value of the mark plunged.

Don’t be misled by the currency rates quoted in the daily newspapers. These rates are merely ratios among the market values of various currencies, in a period of global economic collapse, where the values of all currencies are actually plunging. In such a case, the rise of one currency against another could reflect nothing more than one of the currencies falling faster than the other. It is reality, not the statistics, that is crucial.

This hyperinflationary process has already started in the financial sector, and is poised to take off in the consumer-price sector. When it does, our nation, and the rest of the world, will disintegrate.

A variation on the old joke goes: The good news is that we’re all going to be trillionaires. The bad news is that that is what a loaf of bread will cost—if anyone can find one. It’s only funny until it happens.

That is the scenario we face, without the LaRouche Plan.


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