Energie, Klima, Kultur, Obama: Without the Four Powers, Trans-Atlantic Region Is A Doomed Civilization (en)




January 14, 2010 (LPAC)— „What you are seeing in the trans-Atlantic region is a dying civilization, a dying, self-doomed civilization, “ Lyndon LaRouche stated today. „What you are seeing in the trans-Pacific region, especially on the Asian side and the Indian Ocean side of that, you’re seeing progress!“

„When you look at the Pacific economy, the Pacific Ocean orientation, you find nuclear power increasing all over the place. But when you look at the trans-Atlantic area, you find nuclear power is almost banned, and backwardness goes back almost to the depths of the cavemen.“

Consider the insanity that this has led to in France, where the government today subsidizes producers of solar power, large and small, by paying them 58 euro cents per kilowatt-hour produced—as compared to 3 cents per KwH for electricity coming from nuclear sources! That’s a 20-fold premium for producing energy in the least efficient, most physical-economically destructive way possible. And that with 20 year state-guaranteed contracts.

It’s no better in Germany, where government subsidies of solar plants have been so great that, instead of creating 682 megawatts of installed capacity, as was the government’s intention, they have 3,000 megawatts being built. Now the government plans to meet with utility companies to urge them to shift out of solar plants and into…wind power. Insane !

AIG is killing Americans, and the people behind AIG are killing Americans, because the health care policies which are murdering Americans are based on this program of AIG.

„So the federal government is bailing out the institution to kill Americans. And this is coming right now from the Obama administration, which is pushing legislation which will kill Americans with a Nazi like program.

„This is the politically most vulnerable point,“ LaRouche emphasized. „The financial system, Wall Street, is killing Americans.“ And the Obama administration is their blunt instrument.


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