USA, Energie, Europa: U.S. Electricity Use Falls as Dark Age Approaches (en)




As the Wall Street Journal pointed out in a Jan. 14th article, this is leading to „turmoil“ in the electric utility industry—the most capital-intensive industry in the economy. Building a baseload power plant—coal or nuclear—takes close to a decade, from planning to operation. With consumption falling, utilities are delaying, or even cancelling, plans to build new capacity, since they cannot forecast how much new capacity they will need. This is especially true of the dozen or so utilities with firm plans to build new nuclear plants, which are already hesitating, due to the Obama Administration’s failure to provide the loan guarantees that would make it possible to borrow money at less than usurious Wall Street interest rates, for the multibillion dollar nuclear plants.

While Eurasia is going nuclear, the United States and most of Europe is retrogressing to less energy-intensive economies, which will be a major factor in how quickly billions of people will not be able to secure the basic necessities of life.


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