USA, Obama: Europa: LaRouche: The Crisis of the Nero Presidency (en)




LaRouche’s comment on this, was that Obama, like Nero and other Roman emperors, is a terrorist. He is punishing the American people, seeking revenge on the American people for their rejection of him. Morally, Obama is a weakling. TIME magazine tipped off the whole Obama profile with their story last March on the behavioral economists surrounding him. Remember the Roman emperors, based in Capri, who took revenge, targeted relatively minor threats for public execution as object lessons to all. Look at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as such an event, carried out by the Emperor’s nephew, Pontius Pilate. These are acts of demonstrated cruelty.

So, Obama will act with pre-emptive cruelty, by profile. He will try to bury the Massachusetts defeat, if it happens (we will know by late Tuesday or Wednesday morning for sure), with his State of the Union. They have a deadline on Geithner (don’t be surprised if he is dumped as part of the flurry of activity to change the subject away from Massachusetts). They have the Bernanke problem also to deal with. And they have yesterday’s catastrophe in Afghanistan, as well as Iran and North Korea on the agenda.

LaRouche emphasized that we have to be clear and hold our nerve: We are entering the terminal phase of the Nero Obama regime. We have people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden who understand, from their own years in the US Senate, what the impact of a Scott Brown victory will be.


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