USA, Europa, Deutschland: LaRouche Webcast Text Transcript: January 30, 2010 – The End of the Obama Administration (en) – (dt.: „Das Ende der Obama Administration“)




Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. gave this webcast on Jan. 30, 2010, in Northern Virginia. It was co-hosted by LaRouche’s Western States Spokesman Harley Schlanger and National Spokeswoman Debra Freeman. The webcast is archived at

  • – Obama, the New Nero –
  • – Mass Strike in the U.S.A. –
  • – Get Rid of Obama, and Then … –
  • – What Does the Planet Need? –
  • – The American System –
  • – The Enemy Is the British Empire –

Now, that’s recognized, and it’s recognized by the British Empire. And don’t talk about the British as being this, or not being that. The only basis for the British power in the world is the British Empire: It is an empire! It’s an empire based on a system of money, and all European empires since the fall of the Persian Empire, have been empires, based on monetarism, on a money system. For example, free trade: Sell your neighbor. Sell him into slavery. Free trade.

The argument is, that no government should have the authority to create and regulate the value of a currency. That’s free trade! Well, then, if the government is not allowed to regulate the value of a currency, who is?! You say, „bankers,“ like Venetian bankers! International bankers. Wall Street! Wall Street’s a part of the British Empire! It’s not American, it’s a disease that has infected us, it’s called Wall Street! We should have wiped them all out: If we’d done the right thing, back in 2007, we’d have taken my policy, my legislative draft, the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act. We would have had no foreclosures, we’d have sorted the thing out, we’d have frozen things that had to be frozen, and we’d sort it out at leisure. We’d keep the people in their homes, the communities stable.

We’d also protect the banks which met a Glass-Steagall standard. The Wall Street banks? We don’t need them! They’re parasites! They’re leeches! But, with what’s happened, we have allowed ourselves to be leeched, by treason by our Presidents! By George W. Bush, who was effectively a traitor to the United States, in this respect. He wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to do it, but he supported the people who did. Then we got Obama, who also is not intelligent enough to know what he’s doing, but also he works for the British Empire. And what’s happening now is, we have, as we saw with the recent reports from Britain and here: The policy is, no longer, „Will there be sovereign nation-states?“ There will be a world, a global system. Who will run the global system? The intention is, the bankers, centered in London, will run the global system, in exactly the way they’re running the European Union. The continental European states, who are associated with the European Union, now, have no sovereignty. They have no right to generate credit, with which to improve and maintain their economy. There is no remedy for the situation of the countries which the British now call „PIGS,“ Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain. These four countries are now in danger of being crushed and looted, if we allow it to happen. That’s what’s happening.

And that is exactly what the Obama Administration intends to do to the people of the United States, now! And therefore, the average American, out there, doesn’t really hate Obama: He despises him! Especially the African American; the African American reaction to Obama today is characteristic: They despise him, because he does pass himself off as black, and since he’s a traitor, and they’re blamed for him, they hate him more than anybody! And they say so! Because he’s an enemy, he’s a traitor. And they expected great things from him. And they feel, more than any other part of the society, they feel that he, personally, is a traitor. You get some reaction like that among Hispanics, the same thing, Hispanic background.

So therefore, the problem here is of that nature: We no longer have sovereignty on this planet. The British say so, the European Union says so, the implementation of their policies now, which is the present crisis breaking out in Europe right now—it’s a social crisis, it’s a political crisis—and what’s breaking out in the United States, is that.

We say, we have to save the international monetary system. The international monetary system is the empire. The British Empire is not an empire of the people of England, or the United Kingdom. The British Empire is an assembly around the British monarchy, of a system of international control of monetary affairs. It’s a real empire! You have to let free trade work. You have to let environmentalism work. And what’s been the policy of the British monarchy, what’s Prince Philip’s policy? To reduce the world’s population to less than 2 billion, from presently 6.7 billion. How does he propose to do that? Well, you see the President’s health-care policy: That’s a policy of intentional genocide. It’s a direct copy of the policy that Adolf Hitler put into effect, beginning September-October [1939] at the beginning of World War II.

This was what we talk about when we talk about the 6 million, and that was only part of the total number of dead [in the Holocaust]. That’s what you’re talking about! You’re talking about the British. And the Obama Administration, with a health-care policy and their social policy, are doing exactly the same thing as Adolf Hitler—but on a grander scale! And some people say, „Well, maybe Obama’s a good man.“ Good for what? Kindling?

So that’s our problem.

  • – A Four-Power Alliance –
  • – Nuclear Power and Space Exploration –
  • – Nation-States, Not Imperial Methods –

We can only do this, of course, with sovereign nation-states. You can not do it with globalization! Because the creative powers of the individual, which we require for this purpose, are a function, not of mathematics, but of Classical artistic composition. That is, the way the human mind creates—it does not create things through mathematical inventions. It creates things, through discovering physical principles, principles of nature, such as Kepler’s discovery of gravitation, which was a discovery not made by mathematics; it was made by a quite different method, of the creative imagination. We have no artistic development in the United States, today, no competent Classical artistic development. Therefore, we’re very low in our quality of creativity. That’s one of the things we’re going to fix: We’re going to have to fix the system to have more emphasis on human creativity, real creativity, artistic creativity, which is where the spark for actual scientific discovery comes from. So, we can move in that direction.

The contrast, on the other side: The way we’re going now, if the United States does not join with Russia, China, and India, and other nations, there’s not much chance for this planet. Because, with the lesser combination, without the United States, while Russia, China, and India will do good things, what they could do is not big enough. It’s not a big enough part of the planet to do the job that’s required. So the United States must junk everything, which gets in the way, of practical cooperation with Russia, China, and India; and other nations will automatically come along with that, such as South Korea, such as Japan, such as nations in South Asia.

And we have to get rid of this idea, that we’ve got to find the enemy and go out and kill the enemy, like, you know, the Vietnam War? Who lost that war? Almost everybody, but especially the United States: We almost lost the United States in continuing the war from the end of 1965, until 1975. Ten years in Southeast Asia, we almost lost the United States. We did lose it culturally in that period. How did we lose it? Kennedy was assassinated.

Why was Kennedy assassinated? Well, there were two things about Kennedy they didn’t like. I don’t think the Kennedy family has talked about that too much, today, and I can sympathize somewhat with that. But John F. Kennedy, whatever faults he may have had otherwise, decided that his Presidency, his Presidential campaign, was going to be based on the return to the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt. The first crucial manifestation of his action in that direction was in pulling down the steel barons.

Now, what was at stake there, was not simply the question of who’s going to control this or that price. The point is, the steel industry, the Wall Street aspect of steel industry, was about to shut down the U.S. steel industry! Why were they going to do that? Because of a British policy! A British-directed Wall Street policy! To defang the United States, by getting the United States to abandon its steel and related industries, its heavy industries, in order to rely upon cheap labor from other parts of the world, and take away the power of the United States to develop an advanced technology, and to destroy the labor force capability which we had. Kennedy won that fight. That could have gotten him killed, by Wall Street and London.

But something else got him killed: He decided, on the advice of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, and I believe the cooperation with Dwight Eisenhower, that the United States would not engage itself in a long war in Indo-China. The British were determined to have that war, that the United States should fight that war. Somebody killed Kennedy, and then we had that war. Which killed us.

The British have always destroyed us, by a method known to imperialism generally, before the British. The way for an empire to destroy nations, which they don’t like or which they think are getting in their way, is to get these nations to fight each other! Now, the British may participate directly, or not, in these wars they organize, such as 1763 Peace of Paris, which was a result of a Seven Years War, and that was the beginning of the British Empire: the Peace of Paris.

Since that time, the British have repeatedly destroyed the nations of Europe, by getting them engaged in mutual warfare! Napoleon was actually a British agent, whether he knew it or not, because Napoleon organized the wars in Europe, the so-called Napoleonic Wars, which ruined Europe, and consolidated the British Empire! Bismarck referred to this: World War I. The war against China: The British organized Japan, for a war against China, which was launched in 1894, and continued to 1945—including an attack on the United States and a war with Russia in the meantime!

The way the British Empire, like other empires in the European tradition, have controlled the world as empires, is to get other nations to kill each other! And the British would sometimes involve themselves directly in fighting some of these wars, in order to make the wars happen—or not! But most of the wars we have—somebody says: „This is the enemy,“ like Iraq! „We’ve got to destroy Iraq, it’s a threat to us.“ So what did we do to ourselves in Iraq? We ruined ourselves in Iraq! We ruined our military capabilities. What are we doing in Afghanistan? Who insists upon it? The British? And the facts of that matter are McChrystal clear: We shouldn’t be there. Our concern is to isolate the Afghanistan problem, and protect Pakistan from destabilization, because the disruption of Pakistan would trigger a problem for India. And we can not have that problem. We have to have peace.

We don’t want conflict! Some people say, „Well, Russia is our enemy!“ What are they talking about? Why do you want to fight a war with someone who’s willing to cooperate with you? Who may be displeased with you, because you insulted them too many times? But that’s all right, you can fix that! We’ve got to establish the rules of cooperation among sovereign nation-states which are needed for this planet, for its development. And we can not allow ourselves to be sucked into wars among groups of people who shouldn’t be shooting at each other at all! But somebody has whipped up the idea that „this is our natural enemy“ at the time: „We’ve got to fight this enemy, we’ve got to have nuclear weapons against this enemy,“ or something of that sort. And that’s how we’re defeated.

We have to understand that the existence of the United States, as a nation, depends upon cooperation of that type with Russia, China, India, and other countries! It means that we want to free continental Europe from British slavery, called the European Union. We want those nations to get out of the green category, and back into the red category of nuclear power, railways, high technology.

  • – The U.S. Institution of the Presidency –
  • – The Common Aims of Mankind –


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