USA, Europa, Finanzkrise: The Anglo-Venetians Behind Santander (en)




by John Hoefle

Most people, when thinking of banks such as Banco Santander, tend to think of them as individual institutions, when, in truth, the world of finance is dominated by networks of institutions whose connections are sometimes only partially revealed, and often hidden from view. When it comes to „high“ finance, the world is much smaller than you may suspect.

Banco Santander is a good example of how the oligarchic system works. On the surface, it appears to be a regional Spanish bank whose savvy has catapulted it into an elite international operation; but when you peer beneath that facade, you find yourself very quickly in the dark heart of the Anglo-Venetian empire. Behind Banco Santander stand some of the world’s most powerful, and criminal, forces.

As we peel back the Santander onion, we will find the British monarchy, the core of Venetian finance, and a host of other, unsavory elements.


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