USA, Obama, Klima: Time Magazine Exposes Green Mafia Running Obama Programs (en)




March 12, 2010 (LPAC)—Almost one year after its highly useful expose of the fascist „behaviorist“ cabal playing a decisive role within the Obama administration, Time magazine has released a new bomb. This time they point the finger directly at the Green Mafia (as in Al Gore) who, having poured massive funding into putting Obama into power, are reaping billions out of the Green agenda which they have convinced the Administration to put into law.

The leading figure in the Time story, which appears in the March 15th edition under the byline of Michael Scherer, is one John Doerr, a Silicon Valley billionaire, who has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party, and sits on the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board (that’s the one nominally presided over by Volcker). It is thanks to Doerr, who is heavily invested in Green Technology, that President Obama introduced the so-called Cash for Caulkers program, Home Star, in December—allegedly in the interest of providing jobs.

And, by the way, Doerr is in a close partnership with none other than Al Gore, who holds a spot on his board, while Doerr sits on Gore’s Generation Investment Management board as well. They agree on blood-sucking for profit, defining green investments as the „biggest economic opportunity of the 21st Century.“


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