USA, Europa, Raumfahrt: The escape from Hilbert’s “Zeta”“X”: MAPPING THE COSMOS ! (en)




by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.  March 4, 2010

There is a certain tendency which is, unfortunately, typical of modern classroom and related mathematics. This involves a trait which is likely to be noticed for its frequent occurrence among otherwise presumptively qualified secondary and university students and graduates. It is an acquired mental disorder known as “positivism,” a type of disorder expressed as a viciously systemic form of reductionism, notoriously common to certain types of university professors and their students.

It is occasionally appropriate to attack the symptoms of that mental disorder simply because it is a mental disorder with relevant practical implications for an individual person, or society generally. It becomes necessary to do so when the effect of the subject’s mental disorder is a policy which is a specific threat of some kind to the welfare of mankind, as in this present report, on the subject of what is fairly identified as “positivism.”

Positivism as such, is a mental problem whose common habitat includes “science departments” of secondary and university classrooms. In globally extended European cultures, it is usually associated with the virtually hereditary influence, directly or indirectly, of Aristotle’s role in promoting the diseased mental condition often known as Euclidean geometry, or, under a broader label, the “positivist” dogma asserted by Paolo Sarpi and the modern representatives of his following. The latter phenomenon is most conveniently illustrated by the famous case of David Hilbert’s celebrated package of twenty-three problems of mathematical formalism.

Here, I attack the problem of that clinical disorder from the clinical vantage-point of Bernhard Riemann’s habilitation dissertation.1

The influence of the program of Hilbert and other modern positivists, has tended to encourage results which have often impaired, and even reversed mankind’s attempts at scientific progress. For precisely that reason, the time has now come for us, thus, to expose and to eliminate the pathological influence of positivist thinking from the economic and related policy-making of nations.

On that account: the specific problem addressed here, is of the nature of a specific kind of barrier to progress in the domain of what is fairly identified here as “Cosmic Radiation.”

My subject here is the treatment of cosmic radiation as a matter of general economic policy.

……. mit folgenden Abschnitten (d. Red.)  ……

  • FOREWORD: On the Subject of “Cosmic Radiation”

    • Riemann Against the Positivists

    • In Real Science Today

    • The Systemic Error of the Modern Academics

    • The Historic Origins of Aristotle

    • Enter: “Cosmic Radiation”

  • I.The Fall of the British Empire

    • The Wars Which Fools Declare

  • II.The Crucial Battle in Science

    • Physical Economy

    • Mind: The Crucial Principle

    • of Sense-Certainty

    • Hilbert’s Crucial Error

    • Physical Space-Time: The New Conception


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