USA: LaRouche: This Idiot (Obama, d. Red.) Would Walk Right Into His Own Assassination ! (en)




The summit (Washington Nuclear Security Summit next Monday and Tuesday, Apr 12-13)  will be held in the Washington Convention Center, and Washington will be largely shut down for the event.

The diplomats said that there’s no reason for this summit; it’s just a big show. A few meaningful things might happen there, but they’ll be hidden in the midst of the extravaganza. The sole reason for this summit, is just because Obama wants a big show. And Obama himself personally invited these 50-60 heads of state to the summit.

LaRouche said, „That’s typical of the way the British would program him for a setup. It’s exactly the way they would do it!“

LaRouche emphasized, „The point is, my estimation on the psychology of Obama, which I have demonstrated many times I understand very well, is that this idiot would walk right into his own assassination, out of his own stupidity, and that’s the only way this thing could happen. If he weren’t a stupid jerk, he couldn’t get assassinated that way. But since he is a stupid jerk, the danger is he will get assassinated that way. The liberal use of the term, ’stupid jerk,‘ is very important.

„You don’t know what they’re going to do or when, even if you think you have inside information,“ he said. „You have to know what the problem is, and what you’re going to do as precautions against the nature of the problem.“

LaRouche summed up the case: „This whole scenario, the whole environment, reminds us old-timers of the Kennedy assassination. The setting for the Kennedy assassination. The remarkable similarities, if you look at the thing from the aspect of principle, rather than detail. Also, Governor McDonnell of Virginia has proclaimed April to be Confederacy month— another provocation. A racist provocation.“


Zur Kenntnisnahme und intensiver Prüfung.
Wir können die Argumente selber nicht vollständig beurteilen. Bilden Sie sich bitte selbst Ihre Meinung, Ihr Urteil ! “Drum prüfe …”

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