Science & Christianity: This Easter Sunday (en)




by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.   April 4, 2010

As I have emphasized in my March 19, 2010 report, the present element of reported moral crisis from within the Roman Catholic Church regions of Ireland, England, Germany and the U.S.A., is chiefly a matter of the British monarchy’s exploitation of a certain obnoxious practice, which, admittedly, actually exists in those locations; but, the present, politically motivated exploitation of that aberration by the British Empire itself, is the far greater crime.

The same British monarchy which promotes a Hitler-style, global genocide today, as a health-care policy which is a copy of Adolf Hitler’s launching of genocide, is engaged in an effort to destroy that Church’s authentic role as a devoted adversary of that policy of genocide which is embodied presently in the Hitler-echoing ideology of both former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Blair’s ideological devotee, President Barack Obama.

In this present report, I present a related issue of concern for Christians and others, the need for a scientific view of the specific distinction of the mission of, and by Jesus Christ, which distinguishes the essential quality of Christianity from other religious beliefs, including much of Protestant and Jewish belief, that by the actual implications of that notion of immortality which is inherent in a competent modern scientist’s comprehension of the work of the authors of the compositions identified as The New Testament. The Epistles of the Apostle Paul, most emphatically.


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