Finanzkrise, Wirtschaft: Venice and Leibniz: A Battle for a Science of Economy (en)




By Michael Kirsch

December 24, 2009

If citizens knew that between Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, and Galileo Galilei, not a single discovery was ever made, then the illusion that there is a basis for believing in Adam Smith’s “self-correction of the market,” a self-evident value of money, the validity of statistical methods, and any necessity for London and Wall Street, would instantly vanish. But, if citizens further knew of the unique mind and fight which was the life of Gottfried Leibniz, then, the Venetian monetary system’s long campaign against the Westphalian era of the nation-state could be halted as if at the coroner’s door, in its present, and impossible desire to rule over a much-reduced world population, and human discovery would be unbound.

So it happened, that after the day Gottfried Leibniz died, a Venetian priest led Europe by the hand into bed with Isaac Newton, corrupting all of its future conceptions. Venice’s fight to beat back the 15th century Renaissance is long, but only here do we find the clarity to make sense of modern civilization’s struggle against a monetary system which is currently gutting the U.S. of its last vestiges of creativity in economics and using its own agent as President for that goal, a clarity, which has otherwise been intentionally obscured by that monetary system itself.

All of this will be rendered transparent for you, the reader; and with the understanding gained here, there is no place for the enemies of our nation to hide, if citizens would merely point out facts unpleasant to their controllers and benefactors attempting to drive civilization further along its present dark age plunge.

Citizens of our republic, the authority by which you fight the consequences of today’s death of the global monetary system, lies in a tale, which these pages tell, of Leibniz’s war with Venice, one which characterized the issues still, and now determining the fight for civilization. And it with this authority, that the minds of our time can stand with confidence behind the actions which must be taken to advance mankind’s present condition toward its proper place in the universe, through a realization of the inner meaning of science and discovery.

Thus, let the veil be lifted, and the following dramatic tale unfolded, exposing the truth that the universe, and your mind, does not work the way the financial markets, and the global monetary system, would need it to work, in order to continue their political power.

……….. (mit folgenden Abschnitten, d. Red.) ……………..

  • Introduction:

    • Disconnecting the Mind from the Universe

    • Thus, Be a Beast

    • Sarpi’s Children

This is the modern empiricist model: define the sense objects, have them move, but no idea how or reason to find how the objects move, just descriptive laws of their motions; and consequently, information from the senses is considered self-evident truth, principles and causes non-existent, the universe irrational; the mind does not consider its own ability to detect the governing principles of physical processes that would give it a greater power.

In truth, nothing could, and ever was discovered by this method; in fact, it led to as many real discoveries as Galileo Galilei actually made; that is, in full truth: absolutely none.

Sarpi succeeded in popularizing his own philosophical system by building up an archetype for his model consistent with Venetian usury, through Galileo Galilei. For the sake of making Galileo a star, Sarpi and his networks plagiarized for him; the list is impressive: Da Vinci and Sacharias Janssen were the inventors of “Galileo’s” telescope, Giovanni Francesco Sagredo, the true inventor of “Galileo’s” thermometer, Santorio Santorio and Filippo Salviati the real producers of “Galileo’s” weights and mechanics, Johannes Kepler and Simon Marius the true discoverers of “Galileo’s” “Moons of Jupiter” and “New Star”, Baldassare Capra, the true inventor of “Galileo’s” geometer’s compass, and Christopher Scheiner the true discoverer of “Galileo’s” Sun Spots. All of this was fed to Galileo who was to take on the image of a real scientist, in order to explicitly destroy both Cusa’s Renaissance view of man, and the contemporary genius of Kepler.5 Galileo would convey the plagiarisms as his, through the tongue of Sarpi’s philosophy as though it was this new method of thinking of Sarpi that was responsible for the discoveries. Any resistance to Galileo’s sponsored dictatorship over science was met with the full weight of Sarpi’s political networks.6

    • Venice’s IMMORTAL Enemy

    • The Mind’s Universe

    • The Dynamic of the Nation-State

1. The Battlefield of England

  • Leibniz’s Flank

  • Montagu’s Precious Rant

  • 2. The Short and Long Interests of Venice

    • Enter, Abbé Antonio Schinella Conti

    • Swamp Creatures Come From Swamps

    • A New Venetian Torture Manual

  • 3. Sarpi Wins Europe

    • The Fruits of Conti’s Loins

  • Conclusion:

    • The Victims of Popular Opinion

    • The Popular Way to Destroy Nation-states

    • The Immortality of Leibniz’s Mind

  • Action Now

  • As Leibniz’s academies operated, Hamilton’s economy was founded, and Lyndon LaRouche’s science of economy created. The true wealth of nations is produced by the product of human creativity, and it is transformations which arise from this source that are their own purpose. A valid scientific basis must begin from the conscious promotion of human creativity for the sake of mankind’s creative destiny in managing our present solar system, and then beyond.


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