Wissenschaft, Physik: Towards a New Periodic Table Of Cosmic Radiation (en)




by Peter Martinson

In this brief report, I will define cosmic radiation in terms of the problems posed by Planck, Einstein, and their collaborators, and then describe some of the areas of clear research opportunities, and some potential experiments to be carried out.

A milestone reached in this new field of research, will be the enhancement and elaboration of a new periodic system of the universe. At the end of the 19th Century, Dmitri Mendeleyev applied his genius to the construction of a Periodic Table, which allowed him to forecast the existence of then undiscovered, but potential elements. Since his death, that table has been expanded, but has always remained valid. In the same way, Johann Sebastian Bach’s well-tempered system of counterpoint has remained the standard, up through the compositions of Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann, in a way that opened up a whole world of possible modes of communication in music. Instead of throwing Mendeleyev’s Periodic Table away, it is now time to see it as being subsumed by a larger system, called Cosmic Radiation, with which the present state of human understanding is pregnant.


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