Finanzkrise, USA, Europa: Obama Out to Kill Glass Steagall, While Pushing Weimar Hyperinflation (en)


Link (deutsch): Hyperinflation in Europa und Sabotageversuche gegen Glass-Steagall

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Link (dt. Übersetzung): Harley Schlanger Interviewed on the Glass-Stegall Act  (Video)

Link: Katarzyna Kruczkowski: Das Begräbnis der Euro-Zone ist zu teuer !


– Super-TARP –

According to senior U.S. intelligence and Democratic Party sources, beginning with last Thursday’s 1,000 point temporary crash of Wall Street, triggered by the looming collapse of the European Monetary Union sovereign debt bubble, Geithner and Summers, with the active backing of President Obama, played a pivotal role in ramming through a $1 trillion-plus bailout of the major European banks, a bailout that will do nothing to solve the onrushing global financial disintegration, but will subject the populations of continental Western Europe and the United States to murderous Schachtian austerity, leading to an inevitable social explosion throughout the Trans-Atlantic world. According to official White House accounts, President Obama phoned German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarcozy on Sunday morning, to press them to go along with a Super-TARP bailout scheme. While the public announcements of the deal focused on the role of the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, sources confirmed that the key to the whole deal was the committment of the U.S. Federal Reserve to pump an unlimited supply of U.S. Dollars into the bailout. Indeed, at 9:15 PM EDT on Sunday, May 9, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board issued a terse two paragraph press release, announcing that the swap window, that had been used in the 2007-2008 international financial meltdown, would be extended, once again, to the ECB, the Bank of England and the Swiss National Bank, through January 2011.

The decision to go for another hyperinflationary bailout of the entire international financial system, LaRouche warned, is going to trigger the kind of Hell on Earth that the British Monarchy has been advertising as its policy for years. „They want to reduce the world population to below two billion people, and this Fed bailout policy, pushed through by President Obama, is going to do exactly that, if not reversed immediately. Someone wants chaos throughout the Trans-Atlantic region.“


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