USA, Obama, Ölkatastrophe im Golf von Mexiko: The Awakening of A Great People, the post-Obama era (en) (Video)


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Link: OTC: Late Night Report Thursday June 3, 2010 (Video)


by Harley Schlanger

„I’ve never been political before, but I knew I had to be here.“

These words, spoken by a demonstrator to a local television reporter, outside a $3,000-per-person fundraiser last week, at a ritzy hotel in San Francisco’s „[S]Nob Hill“ district, which „starred“ President Barack Obama, have been repeated by a growing number of Americans across the nation. The mass-strike process, which Lyndon LaRouche first identified in the Summer of 2009, when angry Americans turned Congressional town hall meetings into demonstrations against Obama’s Nazi health-care policy, is evolving, and maturing into a „monster,“ which is terrifying the once-complacent so-called political class.

The first point is that President Obama must be „unelected“—impeached or convinced to resign—as the only way to enact a serious change. Obama, who has functioned as a puppet of London interests, opposes any policy change which would defend the interests of the United States, both for today, and for the future, and thus, would block any legislation—such as Glass-Steagall—which would impinge on the predatory requirements of his controllers.

The second point gets to issue of the „post-Obama era.“ Dislike of Obama, though widespread, is not a solution, and will not prevent a Dark Age. To do this, LaRouche has offered two solutions: the adoption of Glass-Steagall globally, through a Four-Power agreement (U.S., Russia, India, China), to end the power of the British financial interests responsible for murderous „globalization,“ and which presently control Obama and the Congress; and a commitment to science and technology, centered on space exploration, to lead the way to a productive future. These themes are the subject of a new LaRouche PAC video, „The New America,“ which is available at


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