Wirtschaft, Finanzkrise, USA, Europa: The Secret Economy’s Outlook (en)




By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. ,  June 4, 2010

What I had named “The Secret Economy” has four crucial elements: a.) An urgently needed, revolutionary re-definition of an implicitly, dynamically orderable series of universal economic principles of infrastructure . b.) A fresh definition of universal physical space-time, restating the intention of the Mendeleev periodic table in terms of a universal system of cosmic radiation;, c.) A new, scientific definition of the noetic quality of physical-economic function of “basic economic infrastructure” consistent with the enhanced view of the ontological characteristic of physical space-time.” and d.) A needed redefinition of the term “economy” by a relevant, universal physical principle, done through a reform which identifies the human personal identity in terms of the creative potential of the specifically human mind, rather than as being regarded elementarily by a notion identified in terms of mere sense-perception.

Now, once each of those four categories had been considered, the next step would be a series of publications which introduce the reader to what must become adopted as the underlying principles of a science of physical economy. What will be presented in this fashion, will represent the needed programmatic political outcome for rescuing the planet from the present immediate threat of a global “dark age” now descending rapidly on our planet as a whole.

The result of this series of reports will become, in effect, a new way of looking at the human species itself, a new practical way of seeing man’s newly defined, proper role in the universe, and of defining it in a practical way, the actual, future meaning of human life, as our species moves outward to include the occupation of other parts of our Solar system and into the larger scope of this galaxy and beyond.

The Friedrich Nietzsche who had not only died a horrible death, but a disgusting one, had said: “God is dead!” Nietzscheans today add nothing in this matter which Aristotle had not said earlier in denying the continued existence of both God’s and human creativity in the universe. President Barack Obama and his cohorts are walking in the shadow of not only Paolo Sarpi, but that of the deceased Nietzsche; the toleration of Obama’s kind of misleadership is typical of what is really wrong with the world’s economy, when taken as a whole, right now.

… (mit folgenden  Abschnitten, d. Red.) …



    • “The Post-War Schumpeter Syndrome”

    • The Science of Society

    • How An Economy Works


    • Me & Percy Bysshe Shelley

    • Substance, or Shadow ?

    • Art & Science

    • Method In History

    • Symbol or Substance ?

    • The Secret Self


    • Cosmic Radiation

    • “As In A Mirror, Darkly”


    • Leibniz’s “Infinitesimal”

    • The Science of The Nation-State Economy


    • Science & Political-Economy

    • The Credit System

    • The Meaning of Glass-Steagall

    • The Empire of Unreason

    • The Development of Man & Infrastructure

The document presented above, is the first of a series of reports intended to set forth, step by step, the new principles of world economy required for overcoming the epochal disaster represented by the onrushing collapse of the present world system.


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