USA, Obama: Hitler In The Bunker: Get Him Out ! (en) (video)


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Over the course of the few days since it was issued, the world has rapidly careened along the pathway LaRouche warned about. And the decisions that are being taken in the White House, in the face of this worst crisis in centuries, are those of Hitler in the bunker, LaRouche emphasized today.

„Obama is personally nuts. He has no capacity to do anything. He is truly Hitler in the bunker. If you avoid facing that reality—that the President has gone absolutely insane—you are making a grave strategic miscalculation.“

What Obama is doing is not a scandal; it is not mistakes, even deliberate mistakes. It’s a matter of the fact that the guy is clinically insane. He’s not capable of making competent decisions. If he were sane, he couldn’t make these kinds of decisions, LaRouche said.

They are the product of an already failed mind. His actions are based on Hitler in the bunker. His mentality is that of Hitler in the bunker. And he’s insane for exactly the reasons I’ve said time and time again, since April 11, 2009, LaRouche said.

If you don’t admit that, if you don’t say that, you are not telling the truth.

The problem we have, LaRouche explained, is that Boomers react and prefer to seek approval and be liked, rather than to be useful to people by telling them the truth. If you say that we are winning, and the crisis is coming, some people will sit on their hands, and say: „No, we are going to fail. We have to get approval, because people should like us.“ They are convinced that we can never win; and the prospect of victory frightens them.

But we are faced with an insane Obama who is a Hitler in the bunker, implementing genocidal British policies on health care, on budget slashing, on threatening to launch a new war against Iran, and now on a „financial reform“ which means opening the floodgates to a new, vast expansion of the derivatives cancer.

So Obama has to be driven from office, Nixon-style, in the July-September period prescribed by LaRouche in his „End Game“ statement, and a Glass-Steagall policy must be implemented. The only alternative is a New Dark Age, which is the intentional policy of the British empire. Hitler in the bunker is playing his assigned role—and will continue to do so, until an organized American population puts an end to the insanity.


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