Techno „Love Parade“-Desaster in Duisburg: Change the Deadly Paradigm Now ! (en)


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Link: Die Duisburger Tragödie zeigt: Reindustrialisierung oder weiteres Spardiktat!


A mass panic at the techno „Love Parade“ mega-event in Duisburg this weekend, left 19 youths dead and 511 more wounded. The event took place in the context of the „Kulturhauptstadt Europas Ruhr 2010,“ which pushes the „post-industrial“ virtues and „culture“ of this former center of German industry. This whole scam had been strongly attacked by BüSo leader Kasia Kruczkowski, who headed the party’s slate in the May North Rhine-Westphalia state election campaign, which turned the population’s focus toward a truly optimistic cultural and productive perspective under the slogan: „Von Duisburg zum Mars,“ (From Duisburg to Mars).

There was a long controversy about the event beforehand, because the debt-drowned city, which like all other Ruhr cities, is under financial supervision and control of the regional administration, was not permitted to spend extra money apart from its allowed budget. Then, an exemption was to be made by the Interior Ministry, after heavy pressure from „above.“ At present it is unclear how much the city, which otherwise is being forced to impose brutal austerity to balance its existing budget, was finally „allowed“ to pay for this bloody event.

Since 2006, the main organizer of the „Love Parade“ event itself, (after it was cancelled in Berlin), has been one Rainer Schaller, the founder and owner of the McFit chain of fitness centers, who is also an admirer of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He used these events, whose main sponsor was his another of his companies, Lopavent, to promote McFit, reportedly investing EU3 million and bringing in the boxing champion Klitschko brothers.

The completely cynical mindset manifested in this horrible event, proves this mad oligarchical post-industrial, counterculture drive is a literal dead-end, into which society and especially its youth is being pushed. It signifies dramatically, that there has to be a rapid turnaround, to provide a productive future for the youth, a mission, in which they can participate, to fulfill their humanity, instead of allowing themselves to be treated like rats. To realize a true new renaissance is the task of our movement — now more than ever, as the whole system is breaking apart into hellish pieces.




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