Klima (-Schwindel), Europa, Frankreich: Ban the Greens! That’s How to End the Water Shortages in France (en)




A water shortage crisis is now playing out in France, in which the nation is suffering from drought needlessly, because it lacks water management infrastructure.

„Ban the greens,“ declared Lyndon LaRouche yesterday. He identified the campaign by the greenies, as responsible for creating conditions for mass deaths. They have acted to stop water-management improvements. „Ban them. We’ll look at their suggestions later. For the time being, all green policies are suspended for the duration of the crisis.“ LaRouche spoke of the water shortages in France, as „an emergency created by the greenies, who are stalking Europe with their pseudo-scientific“ demands.

France is one of the world’s nations with a highly abundant rate of rainfall—170 billion cubic meters per year, but little of this is held back—“withdrawn“ in hydrological terms—for utilization. A full 97 percent of that rainfall goes back into the ocean. As a result, 47 of the 100 departments of France are now adopting water-control measures, forcing farmers and others in those areas to limit their consumption regularly throughout the Summer months. Three departments are currently hit by drought as bad as that of 1976, which was a record drought year, despite the fact that this past Winter saw abundant rainfall.

But a law adopted in France in 2006, dictates restricting consumption, instead of organizing expanded water resources, through storage systems for dry spells. This French greenie law conforms with the greenie EU Water Framework Directive of 2000.


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