USA, Infrastruktur: NAWAPA: Why Obama Has To Go Now ! (en)


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Link:  Go with NAWAPA, Scrap („verschrottet“)  Desertec ! (en)


In the real world, the level of unemployment is already beyond that of the Great Depression. Whole segments of the potential productive work-force have been statistically sentenced to death, written out of the labor force. Whether it is youth who have never been able to find a job, or 99ers, or the several million highly skilled engineers, scientists, machine tool designers, who have been sent off to pasture, the actual number of people out of work and out of hope is enormous.

A study out Monday shows that 4.85 million Americans are no longer able to live in their homes or apartments, and have moved in with relatives or non-family members, because they do not have enough money. These people are living, on average, just above the poverty level.

Now look at NAWAPA from that standpoint. The 3 million jobs that would be created in the first phase of NAWAPA are the highly skilled scientific, engineering, machine tool and very skilled construction jobs. This is a top-down cadre, with the experience and skills to do this project. With that top-down structure in place, how many more millions of less skilled and untrained workers, including youth desperate for a mission and some job skills, would be brought in?


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