Finanzkrise, USA, Europa: The Inter-Alpha Group: Nation-Killers for Imperial Genocide (en)


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(Schweden. Die Inter-Alpha-Bankengruppe sah sich gezwungen, auf die Vorwürfe der LaRouche-Bewegung in Schweden zu antworten.)


September 11, 2010

by John Hoefle

„What did not change significantly with that shift from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, was the essential role acquired by Venice. Venice, once established as a power, remained the center of the organization of monetary power, while the outer husk of monetarist power, the Anglo-Dutch maritime interest, became the political and military capital of the Empire. Venice never gave up that role; it simply transferred some of its functions to the newly constituted London branch, all as a part of the adjustment to the shift from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic field of leading action.“

—Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr
1Lyndon LaRouche, „The Economic Past Is Now Behind Us! Money or Credit?“ EIR, Sept. 10, 2010.

The Inter-Alpha Group of Banks is an instrument of genocide. It was formed for the explicit purpose of destroying not only the existence, but the very concept, of national sovereignty—with the United States as its primary target—as a way of permanently reducing the population of the planet. The Inter-Alpha Group has played a crucial role in the destruction of the industrial base of the United States, and the subsequent transformation of our economy into a giant, and hopelessly bankrupt, casino. When that casino imploded in 2007, the Inter-Alpha Group and the forces behind it moved to complete the task of destroying the U.S.A., by organizing the biggest theft of public money in history, via those still-continuing, un-Constitutional, and blatantly criminal operations known collectively as „the bailout.“ The result is a nation which is not only unable to meet the physical needs of its people, but is also rapidly destroying its own currency through hyperinflation.

In a limited sense, this operation has been a success. The imperial monetary system, mediated through a system of central banks, private banks, financial markets, and global cartels, is the leading power on the planet. But in another and very real sense, it has been a colossal failure, because these royally arrogant fools have, in destroying nations, also destroyed themselves, and set the world on the path toward a new Dark Age. Their doom is sealed, because only through increasing man’s mastery over the universe can this Dark Age be averted, and in doing that, we will create a world that will no longer tolerate the medieval practices of these imperial parasites.

They are finished, one way or the other. The question is, will the rest of us go down with them?

The purpose of this report is to put a spotlight on the Inter-Alpha Group and its controllers, so that we may defeat their evil machinations. You, the reader, will come away with a better understanding of the nature and the mission of the Group, why that mission must be defeated, and how we can do it.

The solution begins with the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall in the United States, and the adoption of the Glass-Steagall principle by other nations, combined with a return to the Bretton Woods System of fixed exchange rates. These two steps will put Inter-Alpha out of business, but they should be accompanied by a third measure: the seizure by the U.S. Government of all operations and facilities of the Inter-Alpha Group inside U.S. borders. We are sure that a future Pecora Commission-style investigation will find the resultant records quite illuminating. As will a new Nuremberg Tribunal for crimes against humanity.

…… (mit folgenden Abschnitten, d. Red.) …..

  • Setting the Stage

  • The Venetians Strike

  • Corporatist Fascism

  • Fascism, Take Two

  • Target: United States

  • Inter-Alpha Grows

  • The Casino Economy

  • Phase Two

  • Shut Them Down


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