USA, Deutschland: „Hot Autumn“ in Germany: Escalation Around Stuttgart 21 Project (en)




As for the media role in all that, it is just following the notorious pattern of the riotous anti-nuclear 1970s and 1980s, boosting sentiment against the police, the government, and industry. As for the youth who are protesting, including youths as young as 10-12, one may trace that down to the internet-based campaign of organizations like Campact and Bund, both recipients of grants by the European Climate Foundation, with Bund even running all three main websites of the protest scene. If it is not the youth directly, one may put the blame for their being drawn into these situations, on their misled parents and teachers, who for one or another reasons are fundamentally opposed, probably through greenie brainwashing, to any big project. The anti-industry Greens are trying to enhance this sentiment, naturally, because they hope to benefit from it in the Baden-Wuerttemberg state parliament elections in spring 2011, and become the strongest party on Election Day.

What all these deluded fools have been protesting against so insistently for weeks, is an expansion of the Stuttgart railroad station to accommodate high-speed railway service from Paris, already built through Strasbourg by the French, which would then go east from Stuttgart, now a dead-end, to Bratislava, on to Rumania, eventually to Bulgaria, and even all the way to Istanbul!

The French have already invested billions building the high-speed track, and now the Germans must pick it up. The government can’t capitulate on this one. This will be a major east-west high-speed corridor, the only realization of the EU „Delors Plan“ for Trans-European Networks (TEN).


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Eine klare Analyse der (Hintergründe der)  Situation um Stuttgart 21 – bezeichnenderweise aus den USA !!!


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