Finanzkrise, USA, Europa: This Is Not A Time For Games …. (en)


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Link: Brits: Hyperinflation and Austerity Leads to Fascism—So Let’s Go For It (en)


„There’s a climate of people who know what the policy is, and they are absolutely freaked out about it—and they should be. It’s insane, and you are going to find more and more insanity. You’ve got insanity in the U.S. government; the President is insane. It’s not going to stop. It’s going to get worse.“

In this environment, those being the stakes, Obama is disintegrating before the nation’s very eyes—and he may take Nancy Pelosi down with him. Obama is going down; the question is, LaRouche said, „can we get this thing under control before it’s too late?“

There is still a way to do that, but it means sticking rigorously to LaRouche’s policy and method—no gimmicks. First, we have to understand the historical force of British imperial finance behind today’s Nazi revival. Benjamin Strong, the head of the New York Fed, was the closest American ally of Montagu Norman and Hjalmar Schacht in the whole promotion of Hitler around the creation of the BIS. That was the objective: once the BIS was established, the vehicle for putting Hitler into power was there.

Today, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, in his office at the Fed, has a photo of Strong, Schacht, and Norman. „So what else is new?“ LaRouche noted. „These guys are not imaginative. They are crude and stupid.“ They are today’s apostles of that doctrine of so-called „creative destruction“ promoted by such followers of Friedrich Nietzsche as Werner Sombart and Joseph Schumpeter.


Zur Kenntnisnahme und intensiver Prüfung.
Wir können die Argumente selber nicht vollständig beurteilen. Bilden Sie sich bitte selbst Ihre Meinung, Ihr Urteil ! “Drum prüfe …”

(Markierungen in Fett- bzw. Kursivschrift – wie immer – durch die Redaktion)
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