Klima: World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Issues Another Genocide Report (en)




At a time when LPAC is presenting the alternative to a descent into a New Dark Age — NAWAPA and the transformation of the planet Earth to sustain a growing population at a higher standard of living, and a program to colonize Mars — on Wednesday the World Wildlife Fund issued yet another fraudulent report, whose only intention is to reduce the world’s population as per Prince Philip and the now deceased Prince Bernard, to a level of less than 2 billion human beings.

The „Living Planet“ report, better entitled the „Triumph of Death“ report, the eighth in the series, is based on figures for 2007, the latest year for which figures are available. It pointed to 71 countries that were running down their sources of freshwater at a worrying, unsustainable rate. Nearly two-thirds of these countries experience „moderate to severe“ water stress.

But what the WWF ’neglects‘ to say, of course, is that it is opposed to the very methods by which this problem can be solved, NAWAPA and similar policies globally, combined with nuclear desalination.


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